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Residential Sewer Stoppage: The Clog That Won&#    ;t Flush Away

Residential Sewer Stoppage: The Clog That Won't Flush Away

Are you experiencing residential sewer stoppage? Chronic clogs can set up an adversarial relationship between the homeowner and their plumbing. If the toilet did what it was supposed to do (flush), there would not be clogs or stoppage, right? Wrong. The most common cause of stoppage is flushing things down the toilet that do not…

How To Tell It&#    ;s Time For House Repiping

How To Tell It's Time For House Repiping

Wanting to understand whether or not house repiping is in your near future? You do not want to put off repiping your house if it is already time. If you do, it will only make the process more difficult to perform.Every house needs to be repiped eventually, as pipes will wear out over a period…