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One type of residential sewer service we offer is sewer camera inspection. A sewer pipe breaking can be a real nightmare, not only for the smell and the collateral damage (the lawn or part of your house where it backed up) but also for the finances. Sewer pipes are buried underground and can be an enormous hassle to repair.

For starters, how do you even know what caused the break or blockage? Where is the damage located? What methods can be used to repair it?

Luckily, a sewer camera inspection can find out exactly where the problem is, what the problem is and even point the plumber toward how to fix it.

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What is Sewer Camera Inspection?

A sewer camera inspection is an in-depth look at all the sewer pipes beneath the house or other building, using high-tech equipment that can see and record everything inside the pipes.

This procedure is done using a fiber optic cable attached to an HD camera. This flexible device can snake through a drain just like any augur or rooting equipment and is both strong and waterproof. The operator has a monitor on their end, which allows them to not only see inside the pipes but also navigate through them with the camera cable.

The operator uses the camera to get a full picture of all the sewer lines under the house, what their current condition is and if there are any current problems (like major blockages and roots) or future problems (light corrosion, scaling and buildup) that have arisen. Of course, a camera can only find what its operator can recognize, which is why it is so important to use a professional who can diagnose issues at a glance.

The best times to get a sewer camera inspection

When should you get a sewer camera inspection? The short answer is, “any time you feel you need it,” but here are a few common instances where a sewer camera inspection can come in handy.

Before buying a house. Home inspectors check the structure for mold, a failing roof, bad wiring and asbestos, so why not also make sure all the plumbing is on the level? Do not rely on a home inspector to do a sewer camera inspection; it is a specialized job that requires practice and a deep knowledge of common problems. Make sure you contact a professional for the pre-buy inspection that could save you thousands of dollars down the road.

After buying a house. If you were not aware of sewer camera inspections when you purchased your home, schedule one now. You never know what kind of blockage or compromised pipe is sitting under your house like a ticking time bomb.

Before adding a pool. Planning on installing a swimming pool, jacuzzi, firepit or other addition to the backyard? Many times, sewer pipes, water pipes and gas pipes run under the backyard. That is definitely not something you want to find with a shovel or a back-hoe — that is a $10,000 headache waiting to happen. Instead, schedule a sewer camera inspection to help map out your pipes so you know exactly where to safely dig.

Before landscaping. Where your sewer pipes are in the ground can greatly affect where you are able to plant trees and bushes. The roots of trees and bushes can dig deep, and they can infiltrate pipes when seeking water and nutrients. A sewer camera inspection will let you know where the main lines are, giving you “no-fly zones” for planting trees that could muck up the works.

Before making additions to the house. When adding to the foundation, make sure you are not digging into expensive plumbing. For additional bathrooms, you want to know what kind of additional load the current sewer lines can handle: if they are new or old, clay or PVC, large or small, etc.

After a backup. Easily the most common use of the sewer camera inspection, a series of mysterious sewage or water backups in places like the sink or the tub could point to a huge blockage in the main sewer lines. If you have snaked the sink or the shower and turned up nothing, consider a sewer scope inspection.

After losing something valuable. It is a sad and unfortunate truth, but sometimes important items get flushed down the toilet or dropped in a drain. If a wedding ring, family pendant, cell phone or priceless coin went into the pipes, it may be a tragedy that can be averted. Schedule a sewer camera inspection and retrieve that lost heirloom.

Do not tear up the lawn or your wallet

Instead, embrace the high-tech, convenient camera system that can save you time, money and heartache. But do not leave it to a layman — it takes an expert to recognize potential leaks, future corrosion and hidden cracks when using a tiny camera to look down a dark pipe.

Let Prodigy Plumbing clear up the mystery and make sure your pipes are in great condition for years to come.

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