When to Call an Emergency Commercial Plumbing

Whether a commercial-sized operation is a school, hospital, shopping center, business or restaurant, having an emergency commercial plumbing contact is always a necessity. If you own or manage any of these types of properties, a leak, clog, grease trap malfunction or broken pipe at some point in time is inevitable. Our plumbing services are quick and effective so that we are able to solve problems in no time.

When an emergency plumber should be called

While leaks and clogs may seem like small issues at first, they can quickly cause bigger problems like damage to nearby walls and equipment or backup of old, dirty water in the pipes. It is crucial to call an emergency plumber as soon as possible.

Cracked pipes are another serious issue due to the chance of flooding or water damage within the building if the crack becomes bigger. A broken garbage disposal is another common emergency issue. A garbage disposal that is not working properly will fail to break down food waste within the drains. This failure to break down the food will wreak havoc on the drainage pipes and lead to being unable to use them at all.

Other plumbing problems 

Grease trap buildup or malfunction is another very serious plumbing problem. Grease traps intercept grease and solid kitchen wastes before they get into the disposal system. A grease trap that is not working could lead to the entire break down of a septic or sewer system. If there is any type of error in the function of the grease trap, an emergency plumber is necessary for repairs.

Even reporting sump pump problems to a plumber will be necessary. The sump pump is in the lowest level of a building and its function is to keep the area beneath the building from flooding. If a sump pump is working incorrectly, detrimental and expensive consequences can follow.

Gas lines that have leaks or cracks will also need quick repairs from a plumber before the issues get worse. A leaky gas line is a serious fire hazard. People need to have a professional address backflow from a wastewater system immediately. Backflow is a health hazard due to the presence of wastewater entering potable water sources. It can endanger anyone in the building and could shut a business down permanently if people do not seek professional repair services.

Why to call an emergency plumber

If emergency issues like those mentioned above are not addressed quickly by a professional plumber, irreparable damage could take place. Flooding can damage expensive equipment, walls and floors may experience ruin, people may need to shut down a business to complete the repairs and flooding may destroy legal documents. If any of these emergency issues go without proper repairs from a plumber in a timely fashion, the business may need to halt services for an unknown amount of time.

Keep our number handy

If you own or manage a commercial operation of any sort, keep your business running smoothly by having our number handy for emergency commercial plumbing needs.

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