Pipe Descaling Can Help Your Cast Iron Pipes Last Longer

pipe descaling

Pipe descaling is becoming more commonplace as people realize that they can use this process to extend the life of their cast iron pipes, which can save them the cost of having to replace them. For too many years plumbers would immediately recommend that pipes be replaced if they had become excessively clogged and were reducing the amount of water flow that could go through the tubes. This was often a costly and time-consuming endeavor that made homeowners very nervous, and with good reason. However, with the advancement in understanding of pipes, there have emerged new ways of dealing with pipes, including pipe descaling that can save a homeowner both time and money when it comes to clearing out the clogs in pipes.

Why is descaling necessary?

Old cast iron pipes tend to get clogged. As sewage flows down these older pipers, there is going to be build up as some of the wastewater clings to the pipes. This is a naturally occurring condition which happens to all older cast iron pipes and is one of the reasons modern houses no longer use this material for piping. It is also a reason why many plumbers would immediately recommend removing these types of pipes and replacing them with PVC or other material pipes. However, there is no reason to replace pipes because of the process of pipe descaling. It is much cheaper and easier to get old iron pipe descaled than it is to have them replaced.

What is descaling?

When there is sewage build up in pipes, it can immediately lead to a slowdown in how fast the water flows through the pipes. Often, this can lead to backflow that sends raw sewage into the bathrooms, the kitchen, or other high usage areas of the house. Descaling is a process that scrapes the pipes clean of all the buildup and makes it so that the water can flow through the tubes quickly. When the descaling is done, using either the wet or dry methods depending on the need, the pipes become clean of the sewage and all the debris that has been stuck to the pipes is removed. From there the debris flows down through the cleaned pipes and into the sewer system.

Gravity plays a critical role in descaling because gravity is an essential mechanism in making plumbing work effectively. With pipe descaling, the plumber relies even more heavily on gravity to ensure that the buildup, from the pipes, flows downward and out of the clogged ducts. Plumbing is designed to take advantage of the way gravity sucks things down, which is why one will always find plumbing flowing from high to low. Using pipe descaling, the plumber will use the same principle to remove the scrapped material from the pipe.

Don’t wait, let us help ease your worries!

If you have clogged pipes or ones that have been clogging up on a regular basis, you might have a serious buildup that could require pipe descaling. If you do have one of these issues, give us a call today and have an expert plumber come out to your property to figure out your needs.

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