Options for Sewer Repairs

Although most people may not realize it, all of the plumbing fixtures in their home lead to the main sewer line in their home. From faucets to toilets, they will twist and turn their way to meet up with the main sewer line for the home.

Because of this, having an issue with the sewer line can mean a headache if it becomes clogged, or worse, collapses. In this article we will visit some of the things to look out for that could indicate a sewer line is becoming clogged. Using these tips you can rest easy knowing that everything is in good working order, or a call to the repair man may be the next step.

How can a sewer become clogged?

Of course, any homeowner knows that a clogged sink or bath drain is nothing out of the ordinary and can happen no matter what. However, if all of the drainage pipes and faucets are having an issue with the water running down it could mean a larger issue.

If your home is experiencing any drainage issues that are affecting all of the drains in the home, it could mean one of the following is occurring and needs to be looked at by a professional.

Severe damage to the sewer pipe

If there has been some severe damage to the sewer pipe it will require a professional to come and make the repair. Below are some of the common things that could cause the sewer line to break indicating it could be more than just an issue with the drain and the next step should be calling a professional plumper to take a look:

- The sewer line could be broken or breaking from shifting in the earth that it is buried in, increased traffic over the area, or any heavy construction equipment that was driven over the area.

- The pipe is older and due to corrosion the pipe has either broken or ruptured causing the backup to occur in the home.

- The joints where the pipes are connected have become unsealed and is causing the sewage to leak and not drain correctly.

A sewer line that is sagging

One aspect that is out of the control of any homeowner is the ground shifting over time. Due to that occurring naturally, a sewer line can begin sagging over time. Eventually, there is no more 'give' and the line can begin cracking and break.

When this occurs it will be time to have the sewer line replaced and fixed. No matter what attempts a homeowner can take, this is one of those issues that can happen and is no fault of anyone but Mother Nature!

Tree roots can infiltrate the pipes

Sometimes tree roots from trees that are far away from the pipes can become intertwined and even grow into the line. If this occurs, the pipe can be replaced where the tree root has done the damage.

Are you having issues with your sewer line or drains taking a while to fully drain? Give us a call and we can figure out what the issue is and have it repaired quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today and let us know what issues you have been experiencing!

Request an appointment here: https://www.prodigyplumbinglbc.com or call Prodigy Plumbing Inc at (562) 457-4206 for an appointment for us to come take a look at the situation.

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