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plumbing inspection

Home inspections are required by most mortgage lenders to assure that the property being purchased is free of any pre-existing conditions. While most of these inspections are comprehensive, an area often overlooked is the plumbing and sewage, and the integrity of both.

Homeowners and prospective buyers who wish to have the plumbing system properly inspected should retain the services of plumbing inspection pros who can take a deeper look and provide their expert opinion and analysis on paper.

Locating these professionals is easier said than done. Let us see where they are normally found.

Plumbing companies are best suited

Why trust anyone else?

Plumbing problems seem to present themselves when piping and sewage are the furthest things from our minds. What may seem appear "normal" to the layperson may actually be a small problem getting ready to explode.

No one is more qualified to locate and assess suggested repairs on plumbing and sewer systems than a professional working for a licensed plumbing company. General contractors with minimal knowledge may be able to bring potential issues to your awareness but cannot provide the level of expertise that licensed plumbers can.

What plumbing inspections can accomplish

It is more than you would believe

Faulty sacrificial rods in water heaters, underperforming sump pumps, blockages and foul-smelling water can cause unhealthy living conditions, not to mention expensive repairs if not caught in time. To alleviate these issues, one must know that they actually exist. Plumbing inspection gives homeowners a comprehensive picture of what is going on behind the scenes.

Toilets, faucets, garbage disposals and outside water spigots are other areas professional inspectors address. If sewage and water flow through, in or out of your residential or commercial property, the right professional will cover every pipe, pump and entry point related to those systems.

Most issues with sewage or plumbing compress over time, making small problems much larger when frequent inspection is not completed. Consider having pipes and spigots inspected after especially cold or hot weather or if the property you intend to purchase has been sitting for an extended period of time without water flowing through it.

Do not just hire any inspector

Be leery of impostors

Never hire the first person you find on social media or online classified sites. Fraught with unsavory characters out to swindle consumers, many unlicensed self-proclaimed "professionals" lurk in these areas looking for desperate people to scam.

If you have identified several potential plumbing inspection candidates, phone each one to determine if they are licensed to perform the work your are requesting. Check with your local or state licensing bureau to make sure plumbers have active licenses, even going as far as verifying that a physical location exists for the company you wish to hire.

Once you have made the decision, your plumbing inspector will take it from there. Prices will vary on the size of the structure and the depth of inspection required. If you are not sure if a plumbing inspection is required by your FHA or conventional mortgage officer, contact them prior to contacting plumbing services.

Residents of Cerritos trust plumbing inspection services we provide. Get started today by visiting our informational site, https://www.prodigyplumbinglbc.com, or by calling our certified plumbing pros at (562) 457-4206.

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