How Does Drain Cleaning Work?

Drain cleaning can be necessary for anyone that is making use of drains regularly. There are throughout most homes in sinks and showers, as well in most businesses too. Just like any other appliance, they do require that proper cleaning is given regularly.

While there are many different ways to clean drains, it's important to know each different way in order to know which technique may be best for each different drain. Kitchen sink drains and shower drains differ for a few reasons so different cleaning techniques may be more beneficial for each one.

Today, we will discuss how drain cleaning works and what ways to go about cleaning drains. Read more below as we go over different ways to clean your drains!

How does drain cleaning work?

Caustic drain cleaners

Lye and caustic potash are typically the bases of caustic drain cleaners. These cleaners are stronger and heavier than water so they allow themselves to work through standing water or clogged water that may be causing a clogged drain.

Caustic drain cleaners are bases meaning that they provide electrons to whatever is clogged and then the hydrogen ions allow for the substance to be reacted to causing the drain to unclog. The chemicals then release heat which warms up things that may be stuck. If grease is clogging the drain the head will loosen it and work it like a soap-like substance allowing for unclogging.

Acidic drain cleaners

Drain cleaners that contain acid are not usually found in stores because anything that is acid-based can be extremely harmful to everything. The acid is strong enough that they increase hydronium ions which attract electrons from the substance. Heat is then released which loosens the clogged substance.

Cleaning a drain with acid should be used with extreme caution because acid is harmful and dangerous, yet it can be effective. It is suggested to water down acid-based substances because they can strip a drain of its materials too.

Alternative methods

Drains can be cleaned using alternative methods such as homemade ingredients, but these are often not as effective as that of chemical-based drain cleaners. Things like boiling water, vinegar and baking soda are all ingredients that can help loosen up a drain. However, finding agents that fight against grease or clogged things can be difficult.

Cleaning drains is not really a glamorous task but it is often necessary because drains get clogged from improper care. It's best to be cautious of what goes down the drains in order to avoid clogged things. However, knowing how cleaning a drain works can be beneficial down the line.

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