Emergency Residential Plumbing Problems You Don’t Want to Tackle

Most emergency residential plumbing problems are relatively minor but can cause major headaches if not fixed quickly by a trained professional. For example, a leaking pipe under the sink seems minor but can require costly repairs if not addressed immediately, creating water damage in the kitchen that can spread and become very expensive to repair.

For a plumber, however, this is a relatively easy problem to solve, which is why it is so important to call us right away. The appointment is probably going to cost a lot less than what you anticipate, and the savings from preventing future damage will be significant.

Some emergency residential plumbing problems can lead to foundation damage

Where homeowners really need to be careful is with issues that could lead to permanent foundation damage. The cost of fixing the foundation is astronomically more than the cost of repairing the flooring after a kitchen leak, for example. Here are a few things that can lead to foundation damage if not caught and repaired quickly.

1. Burst pipe

If a pipe were to burst, the amount of water flowing out of it could lead to interior or exterior flooding and damage the foundation. A burst pipe is impossible to ignore, and there is very little chance that a homeowner will not be aware that it has taken place. However, on occasion, a burst pipe could leak primarily outside the structure, near the foundation. In this case, a homeowner might not notice the leak immediately unless they walk outside. Signs of a burst pipe, if not obvious by noise and spraying water, include a lack of water pressure or no water pressure at all.

2. Slab leak

A slab leak, one occuring in the pipes beneath the foundation of a structure, also should be repaired immediately after it is detected. Slab leak repairs are costly, but the faster the leak is repaired, the less damage there will be to correct Foundation cracks, pooling water or an increasing water bill can all indicate a slab leak.

3. Sewer line breaks or leaks

A foul odor or any kind of sewage backup likely indicate a sewer line problem. Any break or leak in the pipe is an emergency that requires immediate assistance to fix. This should not be undertaken by a homeowner. Fixing a sewer line break or leak is a job for professionals, and we are happy to come out and take care of it. 

Homeowner's insurance might pay for the repair

Some of our clients' homeowner's insurance policies will pay for these repairs, or at least a portion of them. This can significantly reduce the cost associated with the repair. The key to getting the repair covered by your insurance company is to call ahead of time and to only work with a licensed contractor who can submit a bid. We are happy to do so and regularly work with insurance companies to make the process as easy as possible for homeowners.

Call us for help

A leak or burst pipe is a serious issue that requires immediate repair. We handle all types of emergency residential plumbing repairs and would be happy to come out and provide assistance to you right away. Call for help as soon as you identify a problem.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Prodigy Plumbing Inc, request an appointment in our Cerritos dental office here: https://www.prodigyplumbinglbc.com. Or call us at (562) 457-4206.

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