Consider the Many Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Trenchless pipe bursting is a newer technique that may preserve a home's landscaping when the sewer lines need to be repaired or replaced. For many homeowners who have spent countless hours of valuable time and a substantial amount of money landscaping their homes, it is disheartening to think all of that hard work could be destroyed during the sewer line replacement process. To add insult to injury, homeowners may be legally required to pay for the repair if the damage occurs on the property since the city most likely will not cover these costs. Fortunately, there is a process that causes limited damage to a property: trenchless pipe bursting.

What is trenchless pipe bursting?

This technique, also known as trenchless pipe replacement, is an alternative method for removing and replacing broken or aged sewer lines. Traditionally, if a sewer line went bad, the only way to replace it was to dig up the old pipe, creating a huge trench across the property. Once the old pipe was removed, a big enough area around the former pipe would have to be dug out to put in a new one without the ground caving in on top before it was in place. It was an expensive, unsightly and exhaustive process.

Benefits of trenchless pipe removal

  • Less digging and destroying of landscaping
  • No killing of trees and shrubs
  • No need to break apart sidewalks, driveways or patios to reach sewer lines
  • Quicker repair, removal and replacement of pipes
  • Can increase pipe size without extra digging
  • No need to evacuate the area during repair and replacement

How it works

In simplest of terms: First, a small launching and receiving pit are dug out. These pits are of no consequence compared to the trenches once dug for pipe removal and replacement. A winch is attached to the end of the old pipe to pull it out while pressure is placed on the new pipe by a specialized hydraulic machine to push it through. Essentially, the new pipe bursts. The old pipe out of the way and immediately falls into its place while the winch is pulling the old pipe at its end. It is a quick and seamless motion.

Is this the right option?

If the current sewer lines are outdated, damaged or need to be enlarged, this method of pipe bursting may be right for many homeowners. In most cases, this method of pipe removal and replacement is efficient and could take as little as one day to complete the job while preserving the landscaping around it and limiting the inconvenience to homeowners. Using a trenchless method could save thousands of dollars in restorative landscaping and repairs.

Learn more

If interested in learning more about how trenchless pipe bursting, as opposed to other more devastating, methods could be beneficial to your property, we can help.

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