5 Signs You Need a Sewer Camera Inspection to Identify Your Plumbing Problem

A sewer camera inspection is the best way to determine the current condition of a home's or business' sewer or septic system. A camera inspection involves the use of small waterproof cameras that insert into sewer lines and plumbing to reveal any concerning issues that could lurk in the pipes. While the use of sewer cameras should be part of any into routine sewer system inspections and maintenance, there are other potential reasons for having a camera inspection performed.

Signs a sewer camera inspection is necessary

1. Bad odors

Bad sewage odors usually indicate there is a problem within a sewer or septic system. Most odors originate from a leak in a sewer drain line that allows waste and bad smells to seep out. In some cases, bad odors indicate the settling of sewage within lines that could result from a clog. Either way, a camera inspection will reveal what problems could exist and how to eliminate odors.

2. Slow drains

Slow drains are frustrating and unhygienic. Wastewater entering the home is a health hazard, and it causes unpleasant odors. A camera inspection can determine the root of the problem, ranging from a small clog that can be cleared easily or a tree root growing into the sewer lines causing severe, permanent damage.

3. Water bill increase

A water bill increase can indicate a leak or busted pipe, in most cases. If a spike in a water bill is identified, an inspection should take place to find and remedy the issue that is leading to excess water use and higher bills.

4. Mold and water damage

Moldy walls and ceilings are often caused by leaking pipes. It is much easier, quicker and more cost-effective to have a camera provide a pipe inspection than it is to have someone break through the walls to look behind them for the problem. Addressing leaking pipes quickly will protect those in the home from exposure to mold and may catch damage while it is still rather inexpensive to repair.

5. Sounds of water

If running water is heard in the home, but no one is using any sinks, showers, toilets or appliances, a burst pipe is probably the culprit. Scheduling a sewer camera inspection quickly will ensure the problem does not get out of control, leading to more wasted water and expensive water bills.

It is important to schedule regular sewer and septic system maintenance once per year at least and possibly more often if a residence or business has an older system. If it has been a while since a septic or sewer system inspection has taken place or there are concerns regarding the condition of the system, schedule a sewer camera inspection as soon as possible.

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