5 Reasons to Consider High-Pressure Pipe Cleaning

High-pressure pipe cleaning keeps your drains working as they were intended to. Most homeowners, businesses and commercial, institutional or industrial property managers have had to deal with drain issues at some point. It is a normal part of how drains work. Everything works perfectly when they are first installed, but over time, debris gets stuck in them. Talk to a plumber and you will hear countless stories about the odd objects they have found inside clogged drains.

A plunger is one of the first defenses against clogged drains, but they do not always get the job done. When a plunger is not enough to unclog a drain, plumbers often use a plumbing snake or high-pressure cleaning to clear things up.

What is high-pressure pipe cleaning?

This refers to using a high-pressure hose that is connected to a device that pressurizes water and pushes it through the hose. The end result is a powerful stream of water that pushes away any debris that is clogging up the drain. The pressure is powerful enough to break up tree roots that might be clogging up the drain.  

Figuring out how to unclog your drain

The most efficient way to unclog a drain often depends on the cause of the problem. For example, if a wash rag is stuck in a drain, a plunger typically will not be able to remove it. However, a plumbing snake would probably get the job done in this scenario. If it is a more serious issue like a tree root that has made its way into a pipe, a plumbing snake will not be able to get it out of the way. High-pressure pipe cleaning is required for such a task.

High-pressure jets do not just clear obstacles that are blocking a pipe, they also clear out materials that build up on the walls of plumbing pipes like grease and minerals. Other options like plungers or plumbing snakes simply do not do that. It should be stated that high-pressure cleaning is one of those things that should be left to the professionals, while the average do-it-yourselfer can probably figure out how to properly use a plunger or plumbing snake on their own. When these two options fail, it is time to call the professionals for a high-pressure cleaning.

Other reasons why a person might need high-pressure hydro jet cleaning include:

  • Slow moving drains, since using a plunger or plumbing snake is often a temporary solution
  • Completely clogged drains
  • Drains that have been blocked by grease or minerals like calcium
  • Drains that have been compromised by tree roots

Five benefits of high-pressure pipe cleaning:

  1. It cleans the pipe instead of just unclogging it.
  2. It removes bacteria build-up in the drain.
  3. It is more economical than other options.
  4. It is safe for the environment.
  5. It provides consistent cleaning.

Dealing with a clogged drain? Talk to one of our professionals about high-pressure drain cleaning.

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