5 Common Reasons People Need a 24-Hour Plumbing Service

It is important to have access to a 24-hour plumbing service because emergencies happen to everyone, and they normally occur at the worst possible time. We are well-acquainted with the inconveniences of broken toilets and cold showers and are available to provide assistance whenever needed.

Popular reasons people need our 24-hour plumbing service

Listed below are some of the common problems for which we can provide solutions.

#1 Drain cleaning

Cleaning and de-clogging drains can make a world of a difference when it comes to dealing with a slow drain. Sure, it is easy to buy a bottle of drain cleaner from the store and try it out before calling a plumber, but store-bought cleaners typically do more harm than good. It is easier, faster and more cost efficient to just have a plumber take care of a slow drain instead of trying out harsh drain cleaning chemicals that could end up not working at all and creating costlier repairs.

#2 Toilet, faucet and shower repair and installations

The family is coming into town and the toilet decides to stop working. Typical. If there is an emergency regarding a finicky toilet, shower or faucet, an emergency plumber can provide a quick fix or an attractive new installation to impress out of towners if needed… any time of day.

#3 Water heater repair and replacement

One of the most annoying plumbing disasters is a broken water heater. Expecting a hot shower when jumping into a cold one is miserable. A 24-hour plumber can offer timely water heater repairs. If repairs are not possible, a new water heater or even a more efficient and attractive tankless water heater can be installed quickly to get that hot water running again.

#4 Sewer line repairs

Most people who have a home that runs on a sewer system assume that the city will cover the costs and repairs of sewer system issues. Unfortunately, however, this is not true if the problem is on a person’s private property. A 24-hour plumbing service may be needed to determine if the problem at hand originates on a person’s private property or on the mainline sewer which is the city’s responsibility. If the problem is in the home’s sewer lines, a plumber can provide affordable repairs. A 24-hour plumber can also address any issues regarding septic systems and septic tank malfunctions.

#5 Garbage disposal repair and installation

Garbage disposals are a vital part of the kitchen that many people do not realize the importance of until they stop working. Quick disposal of clippings and food waste is so convenient and once a person becomes used to a disposal doing the work for them, it is a hassle to find a proper way of disposing of food waste that does not attract fruit flies and other pests. If a garbage disposal stops working, in most cases it can be easily repaired. If repairs are not an option, a new installation is possible.

Call if you need help

If you have a plumbing concern, it does not matter what time of day it is. We can provide you with the repairs, new installations and peace of mind you need with our 24-hour plumbing service. Call us at (562) 457-4206 for more information or help from Prodigy Plumbing Inc .

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