3 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Your Garbage Disposal Repair

garbage disposal repair

With the wonderful invention of YouTube and the internet, many people have become very good at having a “DIY” mindset and attempting to complete a garbage disposal repair on their own. However, though there is often success found in DIY ventures, more frequently a “DIY” attempt makes the original problem worse and more expensive to fix than it may have been in the first place. When talking about garbage disposal repair, it is crucial to involve a seasoned professional.

Here are the top 3 reasons why:

#1 Cost-effective

Often a person will attempt garbage disposal repair on their own because they think it will save them money. However, in most cases, a person will spend a great deal of time working to solve an issue that they may even make worse than it initially was. Whatever time it takes an amateur to fix a problem, it will likely take a professional less than half that time.

After a person has purchased their parts, necessary tools, and equipment, and spent their precious time learning to “fix” an issue, it likely would have cost them less to merely hire a reasonably priced professional to do the job for them as they watch from the comfort of their couch.

#2 Done right the first time

During garbage disposal repair, there are many intricate parts and inner workings of the machine that should be considered. All of these details are details that a professional will know like the back of their hand. Having a professional complete the repairs will ensure that the job was completed proficiently and correctly the first time. This will mean no need to continue stressing over the initial issue. Another thing to consider is the manufacturer's warranty. If there is a manufacturer’s warranty on the garbage disposal, it could potentially become void if a person attempts to fix it themselves.

#3 Peace of mind

Garbage disposals are great appliances, but when mishandled they can be dangerous. It is very possible that a person without the necessary training and experience required to handle the machine could become seriously or even severely injured. Hiring a professional will not only give a person peace of mind over the state of the machine but also peace of mind regarding the handling of the broken appliance. It is critical that only an experienced person works with many of the materials involved in garbage disposal repair as it can often require plumbing, appliance knowledge and electrical skills. The lack of necessary education, training, and abilities could have disastrous consequences for the safety of a home.

The garbage disposal could be leaking, humming, not turning on, not disposing of waste, clogging, filling up with drainage, or something else that could be affecting its functionality. Whatever the case, the details of the issue may very likely go beyond what is seen (or heard) on the surface.

Let us ease your worries and fix the issue!

The inner workings and proper care of a garbage disposal are well-known and understood by our team. We would be honored to eliminate your stress and meet your garbage disposal repair needs. Call us now to schedule an in-home consultation. We look forward to helping you.

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