Is Pex Pipe a Better Plumbing Alternative to PVC?

Ever seen blue and red pipe protruding from various commercial establishments or professional offices, but are not sure what its purpose is? Well, this pipe is growing in popularity among many who run pipes frequently, and it is probably coming … Continued

Simple Tricks to Unthaw Frozen Pipes

Inadequately insulated homes, defective taping, malfunctioning thermostat or uncharacteristically cold weather can create frozen pipes, causing flimsier copper lines or cheap Orangeburg pipes to burst. Expected costs to replace these lines — especially during winter months — can reach five … Continued

Quick Fixes for That Leaking Outdoor Faucet

Most outdoor water spigots can go years without being repaired, much less maintained. Many older homes have steel or iron outdoor faucets, designed to withstand years of use and corrosion. Eventually, water will begin dripping, then spraying from the handle, … Continued

4 Steps to Trenchless Pipelining

Trenchless pipelining, also known as trenchless pipe replacement, is a conservative approach to updating outdated or damaged water pipes and sewer lines without the need for excavation. This makes it popular among our clients. This method can prevent major property … Continued

Cost to Replace Plumbing in an Old House

Plumbing systems simply do not last forever. Over time, copper pipes will become frail, iron pipes will corrode and start affecting the water quality and Orangeburg pipe is simply unacceptable in today’s modernized plumbing system. When the time finally comes … Continued

Why Your Basement Drain Will Leak Tomorrow

If you have ever seen flooded basements, it is obvious the long-term ramifications could include cracking foundations and poor drainage. Now multiple that problem by four to five feet of standing water — it could literally condemn your home and form … Continued

How to Tackle Root Intrusion in Sewers

Root intrusion in sewers is one of the most common problems associated with homes that run on sewer systems. It is so common, in fact, that tree roots cause more than 50 percent of sewer blockages, according to the United … Continued

Locating Plumbing Inspection Pros Who Know Their Stuff

Home inspections are required by most mortgage lenders to assure that the property being purchased is free of any pre-existing conditions. While most of these inspections are comprehensive, an area often overlooked is the plumbing and sewage, and the integrity … Continued

Knowing When Your Sump Pump Is Going Out

Homeowners who frequently encounter basement flooding from an unknown source are part of thousands who experience sump pump problems every year. When the submerged pump simply stops working or is not powerful enough to pump water out of your basement, … Continued

Reasons to Schedule a Drain Inspection

A drain inspection can solve the question of what could be causing backup water or slow drains in a home or business. So, when a problem is apparent yet unknown, it's time to schedule one. Potentially a serious problem If … Continued