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Long Beach, California has a long history and is one of the most popular cities in Southern California for people to call home.

Depending on which part of the city that you choose to live, you may find yourself living in an older home or apartment complex that will likely require you to find a quality plumber Long Beach to help you take care of the full range of the small to bigger plumbing services while you live in the home. With most Americans being very budget conscious when it comes to cutting costs, you will want to tread carefully when picking one of the numerous plumbing companies that are available in our local area.

If you want to enjoy one of the most established, reputable, and affordable plumbers available in our great city, then you should definitely make giving the team at Prodigy Plumbing a call today.

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Commercial Plumbing

We offer services for all types of commercial plumbing.

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We offer solutions to tackle all types of water heating repair work.

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Need your water heater serviced? We offer affordable rates.

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Sewer Repairs

Our sewage repairs can tackle and job big or small.

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Drain Cleaning

We offer a full range of drain cleaning services needed for repairs, installations and more.

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We offer a wide variety of plumbing solutions available in Long Beach and surrounding areas.

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If you're looking for a local, reliable, and trusted plumbing company in your area then look no further than Prodigy Plumbing! We provide domestic and commercial plumbing for Long Beach and the surrounding area for years. We're always on call Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing for Long Beach and Surrounding Areas

Our company has been open for more than 20 years and counting now, and we are one of the most highly rated companies in our industry that you will find around the city. Our highly trained, experienced, and licensed technicians have seen it all when it comes to helping you with some of the hard problems that residents of Long Beach encounter, and you will not be disappointed in the quality of our work (or in the price). Our dedication to our customer’s satisfaction has made Prodigy Plumbing the “Go To” plumbing company in Long Beach over the past two decades, and our customers rave about how friendly and courteous our plumbers are when they make a residential service call.

When you make the smart decision to give our team a call to help with your plumbing issues, you are making the choice to hire one of the most effective plumbing services in the SoCal area. Our licensed and certified plumbing experts always show up on-time (if not a bit early) when you make a service call, and we go out of our way to ensure that you quickly get back to a comfortable and steady state in your home after fixing your issues. Our team always puts forth the extra effort to get the job done right on the first try each and every time that we are called out to help fix our customer’s issues. We also like to help our regular customers avoid big emergencies in the future by helping them schedule recurring maintenance on some of the big items in their home or business.

No matter what, we have you fully covered in the event of an emergency. If you are a recurring customer, you also do not have to worry about our plumbers having to spend time researching the history of your home’s plumbing problems, as we always make sure our techs are up to speed on all matters that will help save time on the work site which helps reduce the overall bill when we are done with the job. All you need to do is give our friendly staff a call today to see what we can do for you.

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General Questions

If you are looking for a plumber Long Beach who has an established reputation for excellence, then you have found the right place with Prodigy Plumbing. We are committed to delivering the highest degree of performance and customer service to our clients, and if you take advantage of our comprehensive plumbing services to help take care of either your residential or commercial plumbing needs, you will not be disappointed. Throughout our more than 20 years of taking care of our customer’s needs in the greater Long Beach area of SoCal, our plumbing technicians have proven themselves to be some of the most dependable, professional, and responsible around the local area. We work hard each and every day to ensure that you will enjoy some of the highest plumbing standards you will find for the best possible price. Unlike some of the newer shops that you will find around the city, all of our service technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured to work at your home or place of work, and we will leave you amazed with the quality of work that our team delivers without feeling like you have been overcharged when it is time to pay the bill. Throughout our time in business, we have been called more than a few times to come in behind another plumber or company to help make things right for new customers, and we always conduct our work with an eye to developing a life-long relationship with our customers.

Our plumbers always complete work on your home or place of work fully in accordance with all local codes and ordnances. Too many times, when our company is called to fix a big issue at a residence, we find that the home owners are simply victims of less experienced or cheap plumbers who do not complete their work on the home to be in full compliance with the required regulations. Not only does this practice leave the home owner hanging, but it can ultimately result in bigger problems down the road. Our trusted plumbers are always on-time when you give us a call to help take care of either your emergent or routine plumbing issues, and we offer the same great service for the price on each and every service call that we do for our customers. Whether you need us to take care of basic issues with one of the toilettes in your home, or you have big issues with some of the piping on your residence, our team knows how to take care of the full range of all plumbing services that you might require for your residence. All you need to do is give us a call today to see what is in the realm of possible for our team to do for you. Our friendly staff will always do their best to give you an accurate estimate on how much to expect to have to pay when you call one of our techs out to your home, and we will also do our best to give you a rough estimate of how long to expect the service call to take when we come to your residence. We look forward to working with you today.

When you start looking for a quality plumbing contractor amongst all of the plumbing companies that are available in the Long Beach and metro-LA areas of Southern California, you have a big decision to make. Not all home and business owners have a deep experience base when it comes time to pick out the perfect company to take care of your plumbing needs. Some of the bit traits to look at with any service company include their level of experience, insurance coverage, licensing, and warranties on work that they do for you. If you simply want to pick out a company that meets these and other important metrics when it comes to delivering a quality plumbing service for the money, then you should definitely give the team at Prodigy Plumbing a call today. Our company has been open for business for 20 years and counting now, and we have consistently been one of the highest rated plumbing companies in Long Beach throughout our more than two decades of being in business. We stand behind all of our work with a full warranty, and you will be extremely pleased with our high level of craftsmanship and customer service that our techs deliver on each and every service call to the local area. The last thing that you want to do is take a risk on a lower cost or less-experienced plumber when it comes to working on your home’s faucet, water heater, or toilets. When you need to get some of these important aspects of your home repaired, making the smart decision to hire our experienced team will help you avoid having to pay for any costly or dangerous repairs in the future.

When you find yourself in the position of needing to hire the best plumbing company possible, there are a number of factors that we recommend consumers consider before making their final choice. First, is looking at some of the basic requirements like if the company carries the appropriate level of insurance and licensing for their technicians. Many times, home owners will simply not realize that they should ask for proof of the plumber they have hired has the appropriate paperwork to actually work on their home. If the price of the service seems too good to be true, then this is likely a case where the technician or his or her company has chosen to avoid paying the fees to deliver lower prices. Unfortunately, when problems arise with the work, this puts you at greater risk. You will not have to worry about these or other issues when you hire Prodigy Plumbing to take care of your needs. Each and every one of our plumbers is not only properly backed with the right paperwork, but we have also built up 20 years of experience that gives you the added peace of mind that you are in good hands for getting those critical jobs done to the plumbing of your home or business. We also provide one of the best warranties you will find in SoCal, and we have numerous references of past happy clients that we can provide on request. No matter what, you can trust that you have found a plumbing company who can take care of you for the long haul when you make our shop your number one choice for your plumbing needs. Just give us a call today to schedule a service appointment.

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