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    Rooter Service - Hydro Jetting - Water Heaters - Slab Leak Detection

    “If you’re looking for a local, reliable and trusted plumbing company in your area then look no further than Prodigy Plumbing! We provide domestic and commercial plumbing for Long Beach for years and we’re always on call Monday through Friday 8-5 pm .”
    Mark Ellefson, Prodigy Plumbing
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Rooter Service

We use a variety of cable machines to service and clear stoppages in tubs, showers, sinks, toilets and sewers.

Copper/Pex Repipe Specialist

We repipe residential and commercial properties with type L Copper. We also provide Pex pipe installations. Pex is a quicker, less expensive way to repair/replace existing water systems.

Water Heaters

We can repair or replace any water heater commercial or residential. If you have questions about upgrading your current water heater to a tankless, please call for a free estimate.

Hydro Jetting Residential and Commercial

Our professional technicians can install all your plumbing needs in your home.

Slab Leak Detection

We have a complete slab leak detection and repair service. Our new advanced slab leak detection equipment can quickly locate leaks under slab foundations in residential and commercial properties.

Free Estimates

Contact us to provide you a free estimate on any service you may need. Our staff is available 24/7 to answer your call and coordinate an onsite estimate.

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My sink clogged up on a national holiday, but Prodigy Plumbing came out 15 minutes after our phone call. About 20 minutes later my sink was fixed and he was out the door. Life restored. Really, there’s not much else I can say! It was an excellent experience.

Five stars! I absolutely recommend this service, and would use them again!

Nona L.

Hardworking. Knowledgeable. Clean. Reliable. Simply put, Prodigy Plumbing sets the bar high.  My husband and I moved and when an old fridge was disconnected, the water line was dripping little by little, unbeknownst to us.  Mark came right away and he had all of the parts that we needed.  His friendly and profession demeanor impressed us as did his clear expertise.

Elizabeth T.

I am in awe of Mark’s professionalism, knowledge and affordability. A pipe burst in the kitchen and unfortunately my regular plumber couldn’t fix it. The damage was severe and my kitchen cabinets were on the way.  Mark recommended to open a hole on the exterior wall to cut and repair the pipe. He is very polite, clean and prompt.  He showed up at my door within 20 mins from my initial phone call.  He gave me a free estimate and came back the following day to work, which by the way was a holiday.  He made a precise rectangular opening on the wall and replaced the pipe. He also installed a new clean out and cabled the drain to clear previous stoppage.  He finished all his work in less than three hours in the dark of the evening and by himself.  His contract states that his work is guaranteed for 1 year. I can’t be happier.

Norma M.

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